This image I decided not to give it color yet.  I really like it in black and white.  Waves of Fire i think is because she is a redhead.  I used Photoshop and Wacom Tablet.

Waves of Fire

Sketchbook Pro Digital Painting Essentials:  by Gil Robles Book Review  4*/5

I bought the digital book Sketchbook Pro from PACKT for my iPad and laptop.  I bought the Sketchbook Pro Digital Painting essentials as a guide and reference to using the software.  Gil Robles includes some demos in the book that give a glimpse at how to use the software as a painting tool with excellent images of his work on what you can do with the software.  Each of the demos explain how to use specific tools to color a drawing.  This book teaches how to use sketchbook pro and touches on how to do digital painting.”