I have a couple friends who have their art business up full speed please take a look and if you need that stocking stuffer- please consider these guys.

Membership to Pencil Kings


Illustrator -Jason Hamilton – https://teespring.com/stores/artist-jason-hamilton


Illustrator Matty Lewis – http://www.geckotales.com.au/store.htm  plus free coloring book


Illustrator Shane Madden – 3D Dot to Dot books


Illustrator Lenna Cruz – http://leenacruz.com/shop/


Merry Christmas Everyone!  See you next year

For this image, I used Strathmore Artagain black paper  9×12.  Love the feel of this paper.  I used Prismacolor Premier Softcore color pencils. Reference image is from Paul Sherman.


Black Dogsm

A friend of mine will be hold a workshop on Gyotaku  July 26, 2016 at the Kulis Building in Bedford, Ohio




Orange in a bowl – Prismacolor Premier Softcore Color Pencils –

This is a class I taught in working with textures of the orange.  Below is the finished image.  Colors not exactly the same as the original image.  Thanks to Paint my Photo for the image and Lillian Bell Photos for the image.




This image was done on Strathmore Bristol Smooth 11 x 14 and all with Verithin Prismacolor pencils.  I took this picture on an photo assignment covering a new bridge opening ceremony in Lorain County, OH.  Not many layers on this about 9 layers.  I did a Grisaille of the picture first in Grays and Blacks then using the local colors started my layering.  Colors used were light pink, deco pink, Warm Gray, black, yellow, Blue, Dark Umber and white.

Construction Mansm

New Journey – Colored Pencils.  For the last 4 months I have learned a lot and taken a lot of classes.  So my new journey is creating art with colored pencils.  Very Excited about this medium.

Pencils I  currently have are the Wax Based and Oil Based.

Wax Based are Prismacolor Premier Pencils and Caran D’ache. Oil Based are the Faber-Castell and Lyra Rembrandt.  I like the Prismacolor but the tips break off so I have the Prismacolor Verithin to do details.  I am also using the col -erase to draw in my images.

Bassett Hound


Strathmore Bristol Smooth 11 x 14 – Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil

Pencils have been hard to find because of the coloring book craze.  I ordered most of my pencils from Amazon.com.

One great resource for models for artist to draw is Live Model Books.  They have models of different sizes, race, and gender; clothed and unclothed (PoseSpace).  The majority of the models positions are shown in positions at 360 degrees in high resolution.

They recently added graphic drawing of figures in various poses  (PoseMuse).   This is a great resource to learn to draw figures and use them in your work. Below is an example of their new PoseMuse images.  The Site does charge for the poses, but at a very reasonable prices.

Screenshot 2016-03-24 07.58.49

Check out more of their images, real and graphic  at Live Model Books



An ARC giveaway for Todd Lockwood and his debut dragon novel, THE SUMMER DRAGON!

Enter once! Then share the news about Todd’s new book. You can also pre-order a SIGNED hardcover of THE SUMMER DRAGON on The Signed Page!



The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood publishes May 3, 2016!

“It is a magical book. I enjoyed it a great deal for its prose as well as for its characters and story. There haven’t been a whole lot of dragon books lately and Todd’s take on them made for a refreshing read. I mean, really? Who better to know about dragons than the guy whose career has captured them so readily and vividly in art?” — Shawn Speakman

Here are the rules for the giveaway:

  • This giveaway for one ARC.
  • Contest open to worldwide contestants.
  • Only one entry per person! Multiple entrants disqualified.
  • Contest ends March 21th!

Pre-order a signed hardcover copy of The Summer Dragon HERE!


Are you ready to take things to the next level? We understand that you’re unique so that means the artistic path you take will be unique as well. To start you on that path, we want to connect you with other artists with similar goals. In these groups you can participate and collaborate with fellow artists who are interested in the same things as yourself so you don’t have to search for them, you’ll all find each other right here in these houses.

Become a member and Join a house


House Illustration – Single Image Storytelling
The illustration house is for those artists who are interested in telling a story with one single image. A lot of the art that we see today on Facebook, Instagram – even a tattoo – can be described as an illustration, as well as the artwork we know from famous artists like Picasso. It’s a stand alone piece of art, a drawing or painting, that represents an idea or narrative.


House Comics – Storytelling in Sequence
The Comics House is for artists who are interested in telling stories through successive pages or panels. This is not limited to the American idea of a “comic book” which is usually about super heros. This also includes web comics, graphic novels, mangas, or a comic you’d find in the Sunday paper.


House Animation – Storytelling in Motion
The Animation House is for artists who want to tell stories with moving images. This can be a gif, a short, or a feature film. You can find these anywhere you look, like on Youtube, Tumblr, on TV channels like Cartoon Network, or a movie you’d watch in the theater.


Didn’t have time to do a decent tribute to David, but one of my other artist friends  Andy Gill.  One of my all time favorite singers.  RIP

David Bowie

Prismacolor Premier color pencil on 8.5×11″, on Stonehenge print stock. ( David Bowie). $150.00. ~Andy Gill

I did this from a Facebook challenge but didn’t finish in time.  Image ref:        Used Prisma Colored Pencils and Bristol Vellum paper  11 x17.  Blending not finished on this.



I am in love with this music.  Thought I would just share this  for all to hear.  Great to get creative juices flowing.  Check out his work on Itunes.

Colored Pencil – This is from a photo on Paint my Photo.  Prisma colored pencils and Strathmore Bristol  11 x 14.


Experimenting with grisaille since almost all my work starts out with a black and white painting…So instead of painting using graphite or black colored pencil to do the initial drawing then layer it with colored pencil.  Still working on the technique.  I found if I use graphite I can’t go as dark as I would like which is a problem when you finally remember you are going to layer it with colored pencil  ……LOL


Hey everyone, almost a new year, I have been working on colored pencil drawings.  This one is for the challenge over on Daily Paintworks.   You should see more work from me in the coming year.

Bristol Board  –  11 x 17



Popcorn – $25.00

Preview Image

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